Ever since I remember picking up a pencil, I've always wanted to create things. I have a strong background in interaction design, being able to turn concepts into concrete visuals and then rapidly iterating those sketches into polished final designs.

I have hands-on knowledge of end-to-end UX methodology and processes including Workshop Facilitaition, User Research, Personas, Ideation, Customer Journey Mapping, Rapid Prototyping/Wire-framing, Interaction Design and Usability Testing.

I thoroughly enjoy distilling complicated problems to their essence through thoughtful questioning and collaboration techniques. This creates opportunities for simple and elegant solutions that add delight to the user experience. My artistic eye for detail, love of learning and enjoyment of collaboration has enabled me to work in interaction design, front-end development and project management.

As a result, I'm well versed in working with developers, digital producers, product managers/owners and also presenting to senior leadership. I'm particularly interested in creating design opportunities around health services to make a lasting impact within the community.